A highly flexible wallpaper styler and changer specifically designed for multi-monitor configurations. Available for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 and Mac OS X 10.5+


Resizing Options

Easy to use interface
The interface has been redesigned in version 6 to make things as easy as possible. For new users you will be prompted to set up your first category on program launch. For existing users the new category dialog will help you locate all the settings you need quickly and easily.

Different users, different categories and settings
Different users of your computer can enjoy their own unique AutoWallpaper settings and categories.

Designed for Multi-Monitor Configurations
Whether you have 1, 2 or even 10 monitors AutoWallpaper can display different wallpapers with entirely different effects on each display. You can even display huge wallpapers over all of your monitors*.

Match Aero Glass Effect to Wallpaper
In Windows 7 AutoWallpaper can change the colour of your Aero Glass Theme to match the wallpaper shown on the primary monitor. This makes the wallpaper feel more in tune with your desktop.

Bordering effects

Organise your pictures
Create any number of wallpaper categories and assign different categories to different monitors, you can enable and disable any of your categories whenever you want. Optionally specify a folder so AutoWallpaper can automatically update your category listings. Create profiles sets so you can enable and disable a set of categories. Import images using tags. New digital cameras allow you to title and add keywords to your photos, AutoWallpaper 5 can read those tags and categorise your images automatically.

Use remote online services for categories –
New for version 6 is the ability to set up a category to use Flickr images (via user defined keywords), and images (category selection, photographer’s name, users favourites). Please note images from these remote services have a maximum width/height of 900px.

Change your desktop when and how you want
Automatically change wallpapers at system startup, or specify a by-the-minute change. Choose to change through the images sequentially in alphabetic order, or randomly. Specify a start and end date for each category and allow that category to automatically activate during those days (great for those birthday or anniversary shots).

Prevent wallpaper changes whilst you’re busy
Delay wallpaper cycling when your computer is too busy doing more important tasks, such as playing a game. Delay wallpaper changes while applications you choose are running.

Resize your images the way you want
Resize images to fit the screen, resize proportionally, or tile smaller images. Resize taking into consideration the size of the taskbar/status bar on the primary monitor or across all monitors (useful for Ultramon and MultiMonitor TaskBar users). You can even specify a width for small images so that AutoWallpaper doesn’t resize them. Set the location of the wallpaper on the monitor if the image is larger or smaller than the desktop.
Stylise your desktop as much as you like.

Picture in Picture

Add a border around the image of a size and colour you choice. Select a background colour or allow AutoWallpaper to create a gradient based on the images colours. Apply up to 14 different effects to your images (grayscale, sepia, blur, sharpen, smooth and more). Optionally add the title (filename and caption) of the image to the top or bottom of each desktop. Create entirely different effects profiles per monitor.

Add your holiday snaps
Add randomly selected Picture-In-Picture’s, small inset images, great for those holiday snaps.