Let there be NAS, and, taking a bite of the Apple

Finally managed to solve the NAS issue in Vista. After scrabbling around in the loft I located the box to my network storage enclosure and raced off to find the website. One quick firmware flash later and I was fully vista compatible. Hurray.I also had a little time to run 3d mark 2006 on XP and vista to compare the differences. Bare in mind that the Vista nVidia drivers still need optimising.System:Athlon 3800 64<br />2Gb DDR400 RAM<br />Creative X-Fi Gamer Xtreme<br />Gainward GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb<br /><br />Windows XP Score: 5695<br />Windows Vista Premium Score: 5417Performance difference: 5% Which is not a lot, and once nVidia sort themselves out the difference will no doubt disappear. A friend of mine had said he'd read a review saying there was a 20% drop in performance over XP, but that no doubt depends on your hardware. Perhaps a lower end machine would struggle especially if it was on the edge of the recommended specifications for vista. Somethings you never expect to happen. As of March I will be a rather sceptical owner of an Apple Mac G4 Quicksilver (second-hand of course). So, you may see future applications appearing on Windows and Mac OS X.