Reflex, is a casual puzzle game that involves using and adding different ’tiles’ to the level to guide a missile towards its objective. The objective could be to destroy a power reactor, get to the area exit, or something else. During the course of the game, new elements are added to increase the complexity of the levels. In some instances, the player will have to duplicate the missile to allow them to destroy something to let another missile through. They will also need to remove previously placed components and switch them with something else to follow more complicated paths.

Legacy Products

Sprite Sheet Producer (free)

A quick and easy way to create sprite sheets of uniform-sized images. Simply add in the images you want on the sprite sheet (providing they are all of equal sizes) and Sprite Sheet Producer will quickly create a single graphic file for use elsewhere.

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Notes Manager (free)

An easy to use notes and list keeper designed specifically to work with cloud storage (you can save your notebook anywhere you like). Create encrypted notebooks to store all your snippets and lists.

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Web Slicer (free)

Easily slice web graphics and templates. With Web Slicer, you can easily take your website templates (Photoshop Elements PSD, Photoshop CS PSD, Jpeg, Tif, Bitmap, Png) and slice them up ready to be built into your new website. You can even load a slice layout into multiple images and export the same slices.

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Falling Down

A highly addictive, easy to play puzzle game for all ages. The world of the furries is in terrible danger. An artefact of unknown origin has crashed onto the planet darkening the sky and corrupting half of the furries turning them evil. The only way to save the planet and the furries is to complete an ancient puzzle.

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