AutoWallpaper Mac Edition

I've recently been playing around with the AutoWallpaper code on Mac OS X and after about 1 and a half weeks of minor tweeks and code reworks I have a working version running. There will be a few differences between the PC and the MAC versions. For a start I have no way to code for multiple monitors on the Apple Mac and so AWMac will only support a single display. The only other difference is the lack of CPU usage options. Everything else is in and working, and as you can see from the screenshot background border manipulation is working very nicely. There's still a fair amount of UI tweeks to do. The Mac GUI has much larger buttons than XP or Vista.One other item is the ability for AWMac to start up automatically when the Mac OS first loads. As far as I can tell there is no way to automatically register an application to do this. If anyone out there knows of such a way please drop me an email or submit a comment here.