HyperCoder Pro Vista compatibility

As my first nasty cold of the year starts to release its tight grip around my neck I managed to pull myself into Windows XP to begin the potentially difficult job of sorting out the Windows Vista compatibility of HyperCoder Pro.For all those that don't know HCPro was created using Visual Studio 2003, and for some very strange reason Microsoft is not supporting VS2003 in Vista.My main belief about the compatibility problems is due to the ActiveX control used in the Tag Inspector window, I have now removed this functionality from a special Vista test version of HyperCoder Pro and have successfully built and installed it on my Vista Home Premium installation. The next test will be a week of usage on a Vista Business machine to make sure it doesn't flip out for no reason.If this all works great I will release it for those that have upgraded, and then see about adding the property inspector back in over the next month or so.