Blog feature update and AutoWallpaper

There's been a few new features added to this blog that you may (or may not) find useful. You can now subscribe to an RSS feed version of the blog which automatically updates when I make a new post with the brief information of each post, or, if you prefer a more traditional subscription you can subscribe to an email digest of the blog which will send you an email of the newest blog entry (you can subscribe at any time). These options appear underneath each blog entry on the latest posts list and are labeled RSS and Subscribe respectively.<br /> After going through many possible ideas regarding the dual-core issue I did manage to locate a problem with sequential ordering of the images in AutoWallpaper. This bug meant that when AW2 got to the last image in the list it would crash with an exception.The problem has been resolved on the Windows version and I will be posting an update to the Mac Edition at some point today.The update also adds the ability to switch off the CPU usage monitor rather than just not using it, and relocates some of the buttons to ensure the UI isn't confusing when saving settings and monitor effects profiles. This changes do not apply to the Mac Edition. After a spate of updates to AutoWallpaper I hope to get back to game programming for a while. I still need to finish off my retro remake project, and then I want to start Reflex : Chapter 3 (not the official title), which will take the series back to the style of the original but adding a load of new features and effects such as, enhanced graphics, particle effects, varying objectives (rather than just destroying reactors) and larger scrolling maps (with mini-map). Oh, and it will be in 2D from above, like the original (which was more popular).