Ok then maybe one more

After solving the problem with dual-core processors and the average colour bug I took a bit of a look at the whole 'first run' problem.I felt that AW2 although very powerful, isn't all that approachable to newcomers with a lower knowledge of installing and running new applications, and especially those that have a phobia of reading a user guide ;)So, I took a long hard look and came up with a few ideas to help alleviate the problem, and so v2.5 was born.The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the tabs on the Processing tab and make it a little more obvious, which took quite a while.The second thing was the initial startup after a new installation. Previously AW2 would hide it's way in the system tray and not say a word, which although nice, it's not useful for new comers that were expecting something to show on their screen. In v2.5 after the initial installation the main window will display along with a welcome message and a new option.Would you like to take a guided 5 minute tour?Answering yes to this (or clicking on the Tour button later), the user is guided through the many settings of AW2 with a series of directions and dialogs, which by the end of should have given the user enough confidence to setup categories, change effects and processing profiles and perhaps even set up a PiP.The final addition to 2.5 was to address the concern of not being able to explain an option in the interface due to space restrictions. The best and easiest method was to add tooltips to most of the hard to understand functions, and so that's what I've done.All in all this should make the initial installation a much more pleasurable experience.<br />