Update completed

Took a little longer than expected but the blog update has been completed. So back to the application development.But before then I have a problem (just a small one) with Vista to sort out. For some bizarre reason it seems to sporadically loose the drivers for my DVD writer. A shutdown and powerup usually fixes it but that's not really good enough, so I'm looking for a solution. If anyone else has had a similar problem please let me know. The device is detected and identified as a CD/DVD drive, it just doesn't seem to load the drivers for it. I'm thinking of adding a feature to AutoWallpaper that would allow you to tell it which categories to use on different days of the week. So, you could have landscape photos on Mondays, and then holiday snaps for Tuesdays, etc.There will also be an update to AutoExtract soon that will add a feature requested by a user. The ability to specify a text file, or, list of passwords to use for password protected archives.