A good weekend of development

I spent a great deal of time this weekend working on AutoWallpaper 3. I decided that with the inclusion of multi-monitor paper support and other key new features it was worthy of a version number increment. As before version 3 is a free upgrade from version 1 and 2.Features planned:<br />Multi-monitor paper support – this will allow uses with, for example 2 monitors, to use wallpapers that span both displays.Pre-Processing – It will be possible to batch convert all of your images to the correct sizes so that AW3 can change your desktop picture much faster. So, if you have loads of images that are all different in size, you will be able to set up an profile and then batch convert your categories to the correct size for your monitor. This will only apply to the resolution of your primary display, so if you have 2 or more monitors that have different resolutions you will have to process different categories seperatly.UI Update – As more features are added to AW3 it is necessary to increase the window size to make room. I will be looking into re-organising each of the tabs and seeing which sections need attention. My internal beta has a re-organised category tab which is looking much nicer with the category details down the left and the wallpaper list and preview on the right. I'm sure there will be more features going in, but for now I thought I'd whet your appetite.