Building a better menu

A number of registered users of AutoWallpaper have previously expressed a desire for a more advanced tray menu (right-click tray icon), and so this week I have been coding away at the menu upgrades.Although it's far from finished I'm quite happy with the results so far. Other things that are now complete. Groupings – it is now possible to provides multiple listings of wallpapers that should always be together. This is achieved by setting up a group list (unlimited lists allowed) and then adding a series of wallpapers to the group in the order you want them to appear across your screens. Multi-monitor wallpaper support is now finished and working great. As I mentioned before multi-monitor wallpapers are split into chunks and processed seperately. What this means is that if your monitors are misaligned vertically AW3 corrects the offset for the misaligned monitors, it also means that each monitor can use its own effects as if the wallpaper was designed for single monitors.Theres still a fair amount of development to do for AW3 but as I said I'm very pleased with the results so far, and AW3 runs all the time on my development computer so I can ensure that it works for long periods of time.