Improving your desktop wallpapers

AutoWallpaper 3 development is progressing very nicely. At present I'm redeveloping the tray icon menu to allow me to drastically improve the options available there. I'm aiming to add thumbnails to each of the history items so that it will be very easy to look back over the previous wallpapers and quickly locate one you want to show again, delete or locate in your files and folders.Also, I've finished implementing wallpaper groupings. This feature (requested by a registered user) allows you to pair up wallpapers so they always appear together. This is performed by the user creating a series of lists (one for each grouping) which dictates which wallpapers appear on which monitor. Then if the primary wallpaper appears in the wallpaper selection the subsequent wallpapers are replaced with those in the grouping.AutoBackup 2 has also had a small update this week. The interface has been made slightly larger to allow for horizontal scrollbars on the activity log window, this makes it much it much easier to review AB2 processes if the filenames were very long. There was also a bug whereby the registered user name was always my name, this has also been fixed.