Journey to Azshara and Multimonitor paper support

I had a little time over the weekend to look into other items on my AutoWallpaper to do list and see what I could do. First up was support for multi-monitor wallpapers. These are wallpapers that are already designed to span across all of your monitors. At present AW2 will treat these oversized wallpapers exactly the same as any other. It will scale them down to fit in the single display environment leaving a very thin picture.This is obviously not ideal and it was about time I tried to tackle the issue (not really an issue more of a missed feature). After an hour or so of coding I can now announce that I have a working beta (internal only) that displays multimonitor wallpapers correctly.Here's how it works: When AW2 picks a picture that is equal to or wider than your entire desktop it will reallocate the monitor wallpapers and assign the multimonitor image across all the displays. What this means is that multi-monitor papers have a high ranking than single screen wallpapers (which I don't see a problem with at the moment).One thing I am still looking in to is a by-product of the multi-monitor wallpaper feature is that when a mm wallpaper is used the effects processing assumes the wallpaper is a single unified monitor and therefore only applies monitor 1's effects. I have an idea of how to resolve this but it will take a little longer to sort it all out. After finally reaching level 50 for my main character in World of Warcraft I felt the need to locate a new questing area in my range.My playing style has always been to attempt all quests solo wherever possible, so most of the quests in my log are a little too tough for the moment. However, one of the quests needs me to travel to Azshara to do some rubbings of some ruins. After looking at the map it seemed necessary to travel through Felwood in order to go up and round to Azshara. I hadn't been through Felwood before so I thought 'what the hell' and jumped upon my trusty stead (sabre).Much to my surprise after arriving in Felwood (45-55 zone) I discovered a small town very close to the border that had 4 quests waiting for me. So, I've delayed my arrival in Azshara and whatever lies to the north while I proceed to help out the Fulborg and other natives in Felwood.