AutoWallpaper 3 released

It's finally here. AutoWallpaper version 3 (Windows). After a final week of rigoursly testing the new features I launched the new version yesterday (Sat 25th), along with a few tweaks to my website; including a little flash introduction movie for AutoWallpaper 3 on the homepage.As previously mentioned AutoWallpaper 3 is available free for registered users (just download the new version and install it), for $10 for new registrations, or, $15 for the Plus version which includes a licence for the screensaver module. For those that already have AutoWallpaper, or, those that decide not to purchase the screensaver straight away you can buy it seperately for $5. Please see the AutoWallpaper product page for full details and registration links. AutoWallpaper 3 builds on the features of AutoWallpaper 2 with the following:1. Unlimited Picture-In-Picture – with easy placement2. Wallpaper groupings – allows multi-monitor users to group wallpapers together so that they always display together.3. Screensaver – you can select any of your categories and use them for a random slideshow screensaver complete with 12 different transitions (Fade in, zoom in, gentle rotate, etc)4. Calendar overlay – As well as PiPs you can now add a month-view calendar (current month) to any or all of your monitors.All the new features have an abundance of options allowing you to tune your desktop to your liking. Now that AutoWallpaper 3 is out and about I will be turning my attention back to Asylum. There will be a small update to AutoWallpaper Mac Edition shortly as well.