AutoWallpaper 3 update coming Saturday

A couple of small bugs have been found in the current release of AutoWallpaper 3. They are not serious and are being tested now with an update planned for Saturday. The bugs are; when using maximum size options for resizing landscape images aren't resized correctly, when AW3 is installed over AW2 the category listing appears empty until a new category is created (categories are still there they just failed to load on first install), screensaver may crash on rare occasions with a memory allocation error, multi-monitor width setting may default to zero resulting in single monitor papers being scaled across all displays.<br /><br />With the last bug you can resolve it by simply ensuring the value on the Options tab has been set correctly. The category bug resolves itself on quiting and restarting AW3 after its first run; the problem is caused by the settings being migrated from AW2 to AW3.<br />