Hair pulling and the Apple Mac

After a frustrating time coding on the Mac this weekend it is looking very likely that the forthcoming version 3.5 of AutoWallpaper will b for my software. So, I've ordered an extra stick of RAM, and hopefully once that has arrived I can try the system with 2 sticks again, and then put in a return for the dual pack. At the end of all this I will end up with 3Gb RAM in which case I will see about getting a fourth to maintain the double data rate.Ok, so I reinstalled Windows Vista and started to have a little play around with the system. Reinstalling applications as and when I needed to. Time was getting on so I thought I'd have a bit of a break and play some World of Warcraft. Nope. After logging in I found the game to be so jitterery that it was unplayable. The FPS was at 65 and would then drop to 8fps and the game would pause briefly before restoring to 65fps. If I attempted to move or look around the game would stutter again. I suspect this may be due to Vista using 99% of my RAM and it's only 1Gb running at single data rate. I hope that will be better once the second stick of RAM is in.On Sunday I decided to install Windows XP x64 on a secondary drive so I could test the performance on that as well. Again the installation was relatively painless, but for some strange reason one of my drives partitions become corrupt. Anyway, I tried WoW again in XP and it seemed to be performing much better (although not perfect) and would be much more playable. Finally for the weekend (what a lousy one at that), I restored the corrupt hard drive.So much for Dual-Core.I did manage to sneak a small amount of Asylum work in whilst waiting for things to install. I had a few motion capture files (BVH) that I wanted to look at. The problem I was having is that although the BVH animations are excellent the animation doesn't stay at the 0,0,0 coordinates, meaning the model would wander off. This is not useful for gaming and so I needed to find a solution to centralise the model again.For 3D character animation I've been using Fragmotion, it's interface is great and it's fairly easy to use. Anyway, after a lot of messing about I cracked it:Open up the BVH in fragmotion, open the animation that isn't centred, right click the Translate Key for the root bone of the skeleton and then select the entire row. At this point all the keys in the root bone Translate row should turn blue. Next, select Run script from the animation windows menu. Click the Translate button at the bottom and then in the text box I used:<br />y=y-40<br />x=0<br />z=0Clicking apply after each line. The result was the skeleton had been moved up onto the ground plane and every frame was now positioned at 0,0,0. Exactly as I would need it.The next phase, which I wanted to get done this weekend, is to assign the model to the new skeleton.Oh well, maybe when the RAM turns up this coming week I will have better luck with my new system. Until then I won't be able to do any development work.For those interested heres my new system:ASUS m2N-SLI Deluxe<br />Athlon AM2 6000+ (2x3Ghz)<br />1Gb Ram (soon to be 4Gb)<br />GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb – primary monitor<br />GeForce 8600GT – Second and third monitors<br />Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeGamer<br />