AutoWallpaper 3.5 unified

After last weekends problems and finally solving them (missed a declare that is only usable by windows) I can happily say that the Mac Edition has been updated to match the current pc version. The all important version 3.5 release (due out in a few weeks) will herald a new age for the Mac Edition of AutoWallpaper. Everytime an update is made to the windows version the mac version will get the update as well. This will drastically reduce the work load I have in keeping two seperate source files up-to-date. Now let me update you on the progress of 3.5. As it stands now the update is running well on both Windows and OS X, there are some limitations to the Mac version over the Windows version. These were also present in version 1.0. Principly the Mac Edition can only handle one monitor (for now), it cannot utilise CPU idle states, but other than that it now has all the bells and whistles. The next part for me is to begin work on the import folder (the ability to automatically create categories from a set of folders), and the effects library tool (which will allow users to browse a collection of desktop styles and apply them instantly to a monitor of their choice).