Wearing the Mac

It has been a very successful week of development for AutoWallpaper 3.5 for the Mac (and indeed for the PC as well). I have finished the Mac specific coding for AutoWallpaper and everything is working well. The FX Library has also been completed and is looking great. I still need to work out how the FX Library updates are going to work but that should be completed shortly. The FX Library for those that may not know is a new feature of AW3.5 that allows users to instantly apply pre-crafted effects settings to any of there monitors. It has a nice and simple interface that shows a screenshot of the effect profile and a brief description. The user can simply look through the library find the style they like and apply it to their monitor(s). The final extra feature for AutoWallpaper 3.5 will be added shortly as well, the import folder option. As mentioned before this feature will allow you to import a path and AW will automatically generate categories from the folders within it. This will help users quickly set up the program especially if they already have a set of folders on their hard drives with different types of wallpaper in. I believe the release of AutoWallpaper 3.5 will be during the first week of February.