Compiler problems for AutoWallpaper 3.5.1619

Every now and then an update is released for the programming language I've used for AutoWallpaper and I usually make a habit of updating and recompiling the code when this happens; mainly to ensure any compiler based bugs are removed. Sadly the latest release of RealBasic (2008r1) has caused a few issues with AutoWallpaper, which I have posted to their feedback team. This meant that the Windows version 3.5.1619 had a number of issues that were out of my control. These included: Drop down lists on effects resizing panel was broken.<br />Radio buttons, check boxes and number spinners all failed to accept clicks and edits It took a few hours but I was able to back track the source code to the previous compiler version and fix all the problems, and this is why the Windows version, at the moment, doesn't have the same version number as the Mac version. I am awaiting a response from RealSoftware over the issue.<br />