Getting from beta to Release Candidate

Another fun packed week of beta testing has gone off without too many problems, and the first Release Candidate is being prepped for sending to beta testers on the 16th September. As of yesterday (Sunday 17th September) my G4 Mac has now been upgraded successfully to OS X 10.5, and this will hopefully mean the completion of my investigations into full multi-monitor support for AutoWallpaper 4 Mac Edition. Very exciting. Over the weekend I sat down and attempted to work out how to support vertically aligned monitors in AW4. After several hours of development I realised that when changing to vertically aligned monitors, the code responsible for handling the normal horizontally aligned monitors failed. I couldn't see anyway around this and so I revert it back to the previous code base. I'm sure that AutoWallpaper will eventually be able to support any configuration of monitors but for the time being I must support the more traditional horizontally aligned monitor configurations above all others. And finally what most of you are probably waiting for… the release date… I estimate that I should be in a position to release AutoWallpaper 4 Windows Edition on the 20th September, all being well. I have already prepped most of the new webpages required for the new registrations and upgrade process, so everything is coming together very nicely indeed.<br />