Release Candidate 1 and beyond

This last week has been a rather busy one. There was a new bug located in AutoWallpaper 4 beta 9 that caused me a few headaches but was eventually quashed. And so Release Candidate 1 was compiled and released two days ago. The main addition for this beta release was the inclusion of the new screensaver. The new addon is now capable of utilising all of your displays and performing 26 different transitions. This morning (15th September) I have received a report from one of the beta testers who is experiencing a few glitches with the screensaver and I will be addressing those in the next day or so. This may mean that the release date will slip ever so slightly. Judging from the report it sounds as though I need to add in a few additional checks to ensure that the user has configured the screensaver correctly and that it has been able to access all the files it needs to, rather than the current method which is just to quit. Between update sessions this weekend I also managed to spend some quality time on my Apple Mac (now running 10.5, albeit slowly). My first challenge (after connecting up a second display) was to test my theory for changing both displays independantly. A small applescript helped me out with this stage and I have to report it was a complete success. So, the next stage is to try and implement the required routines in the mac coding for AutoWallpaper 4. This is going to take a little time but I can confidently say that the Mac Edition will see multi-monitor support when version 4 is released for it. Hurray. One advantage that the Mac Edition has over the Windows version is that it can support monitors in any configuration, horizontally or vertical, or both. This is purely due to the fact that the Mac views each screen seperately rather than as one large canvas. That said I will put some more time into trying to solve this issue with the Windows version after AW4 is out the door.<br />