Seeing double with the Mac?

I may have had a glimmer of a break through with multi-monitor support on the Mac. It does however come with a price, and that prices is 10.5. As far as I've been able to work out, the routines I need to be able to communicate with multiple displays only exists on OS X 10.5 or later. Another issue is that I have 10.4 and my G4 is below the minimum requirements to run 10.5. Grr. I have found a workaround that will allow me (hopefully) to install 10.5, because without it I cannot develop the multi-monitor version of AutoWallpaper 4. On that front, the Windows version is progressing very nicely indead. I am thinking of making one important change to the preferences, and that is to not allow an update from 3.5 for the settings. There have been a number of users that have occasionally had corrupted preferences which caused AW3 to fail on startup. In order to have a fresh start I think it might be wise to wipe the slate clean and move the preferences elsewhere. Of course this has the hidden benefit of allowing both AW3.5 and 4 to live happily together. Another 2 PS3 titles of mine have been completed, Devil May Cry 4, which I found rather repetative, and Lair.<br />