The settling storm

The initial glut of updates for AutoWallpaper 4 is now slowing nicely as I eliminate the last of the bugs. It’s been a bit of a trying time but I’m pleased with the development. It is always difficult to see something you’ve worked extremely hard on and for so long have a few undiscovered bugs in it’s first few weeks. But now is the time to start looking forward. Once the last issues are sorted I will be turning my attention to the Mac Edition compilation. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I am aiming for a December release, and as with the PC version I will be asking for beta testers. So, if you have a Mac running OS 10.5 or newer then please drop me an email and I will consider you for beta access. The latest issue that I am working to resolve (as mentioned in the AutoWallpaper change log) is the mis-alignment of wallpaper images when monitors appear above the primary display. It shouldn’t take too long to sort out and one user with a very unusual display configuration has been aiding my search for the reason behind it. To give my self a little breather from AutoWallpaper development I have also started developing an entirelly different application, one that I have been trying to find on the web for some time, and in the end you just have to say “I’ll do it myself”. I can’t give any details out now but my initial tests are looking very promising.<br />