Thick and fast

AutoWallpaper 4 updates have been coming thick and fast over the last 2 weeks but it is definitely slowing down now. The plus side of all this is that AutoWallpaper 4 has become much more stable, many bugs have been quashed and various tweaks have been made to certain features. The screensaver has also had a fair few tweaks, and one of which is the removal of the ‘scale up’ option. I didn’t want to remove it but the compiler I’m using for it seems to have problems with memory leaks and the resizing of images. So, for now, it had to go. This isn’t a problem if your images are already sized correctly for your desktop though. So, what’s next you ask? I still have a few more things to do with AutoWallpaper 4 Windows edition, a few users have been emailing me feature suggestions and I have been compiling a list of those. At the moment I want to concentrate on solidifying AW4 and getting started on the Mac Edition, as I know there are quite a few Mac users out there keen to get a multi-monitor version of AutoWallpaper. Well, it is coming and I hope to release it for Christmas.