Return of the Mac

There will be 1 more small update for the Windows Edition of AutoWallpaper 4 before I knuckle down and start the process of adapting the codebase for the Mac Edition. The update will include the ability to force an update on a single category rather than all of them (the option for performing a full update will still be available). The current estimate for the release of the Mac Edition is pre-Christmas 2008. I can't see it getting delayed beyond that. Of course all of this is rather dependent on the OS specific coding working correctly. All of my tests over the last month have indicated that everything is going to work for multi-monitor support, but you never know. My Mac (G4) seems to keep forgetting which graphics card drivers it should be using and it ends up starting up with completely corrupted displays. Pesky thing. Over the last 6 months I've also being trying out some online backup solutions in an attempt to ensure that not only do I have a backup of all my important files but that I also have a backup that is not in the same building as my computer (incase of fire etc). I started out trying Bullguard backup which costs a minimal fee for online storage, I found the interface was a little clunky so I moved over to iDrive. iDrive is free for 2Gb but the 64Bit Vista version seems to have all sorts of issues on my PC, for some reason in would gobble up 45% CPU usage and stay there and the interface was completely jammed. If I killed the tray icon process and started the application it ran fine, but that isn't particularly useful. So, next was Mozy. They offer a free 2Gb Online backup, and at the moment it seems to be running very nicely indeed. It installed smoothly and after changin the backup sets to just the files I want backed up rather than emails, music and photos etc, it was all set. So, if you might be thinking a trying out an online backup solution then you may want to have a nose at Mozy Home.<br />