The final begins

As I mentioned last time I am having to spend more time on a 3D Animation course, because of the imposed time restriction to it. Happily I have now completed all of the course work and can make a start on the final piece. An animated short with at least 4 animated objects, 1 of which must be fully rigged and animated. I have my idea all sorted and ready, and I'm making a start on the preparitory sketches and storyboards. The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed a sneaky update to AutoWallpaper last week. This was necessary, I know I said there wouldn't be any, because it turned out that a small glitch in the sqlite query for selecting non-repeating wallpapers was flawed and the used paper database was expiring too early. The update has well and truly sorted that out. Initial development has now begun on AutoWallpaper 4.5, I have a list of things I want to try out for inclusion in AW, so we'll see how that comes together. I'll keep you posted on the development. Before anyone asks though, no , I don't have any release date in mind, and yes, it will be a free update for all v4 users.<br />