Look out, it's moving

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of updates recently. I've had a lot on my plate. As I mentioned before I'm currently working on my final project for the 3D animation course I'm doing. This is taking quite a lot of my time and has restricted me from doing other things. It's all going very well and I hope to complete it in a week or so. I'll no doubt post the final video online once I'm done. I also had to put up with my World of Warcraft account being hacked, this resulted in all of my characters being stripped of money and items. However Blizzard were very quick to react and within 2 days I got all my money and equipment returned to me. As a standard response they state that I must have had a keylogger or a virus on my system. However, after a full system scan I found my computer to be 100% clean (Avira Internet Security Premium x64). But it did make me think, and during my investigation into keyloggers I discovered a great piece of software than encrypts every key press you make in certain applications (Premium version encrypts Warcraft and other games). A free version is available which works in most browsers, paid versions are available that support additional apps and games. For those interested, even if it's just to secure your internet banking, visit http://www.qfxsoftware.com/ I have also changed my email provider to give me a decent spam filter at the server end. FastMail seems to be a solid and very reasonably priced IMAP solution that uses SSL for both incoming and outgoing email. Again, if anyone is interested in a decent IMAP provider visit: http://www.fastmail.fm/ Finally, there have been a number of small AutoWallpaper related updates over the last few weeks, these are mainly addressing an annoying bug in the screensaver (windows version only). The problem is that it doesn't occur on the computers I use to test AutoWallpaper, so I'm having to rely on users to test my theories, gratefully they have been very helpful and I will hopefully resolve the outstanding issues shortly.<br />