Screensaver departure

It is very difficult to identify bugs in applications when they don't show up during your own tests, but they still sit there festering waiting for an unsuspecting user to trip up on. One registered user reported an issue with b2191 which turned out to be because Windows failed to pass the correct path to the screensaver. I developed a work around for this, which worked (b2209), only to discover that it then stopped working for another user that had been using the screensaver successfully for some time. So, because of the random nature of these issues and the fact that my systems have never had problems with the screensaver I have made the awkward decision to discontinue the screensaver addon for the time being. That is not to say it won't return because in all honesty it probably will, just when I have enough time to devote to it. Until then, heres what will happen for current users of the screensaver and new users of AutoWallpaper. Current users will see no change – future and current updates will not uninstall the screensaver and will not install a new version of it. AutoWallpaper will continue to allow you to configure the screensaver. New users – the screensaver addon will not be installed and AutoWallpaper will not offer any configuration for the screensaver.<br />