Welcome the new look website

In case you haven't been visiting the ARSoftware website recently a new website has been launched a few days ago. This update is in preparation for the imminent release of AutoWallpaper 5.The new website will consume the AutoWallpaper site and any links on auto-wallpaper.co.uk will redirect back to arsoftware.co.uk (once AW5 is released).<br /> Yup, it's almost here – AW5. There's just a couple of tweaks left to do before it's released to the general public. An eleventh hour feature addition was added and is working very nicely. Previously multi-monitor wallpapers would inherit monitor 1 effects, now, in version 5, multi-monitor wallpapers have their own set of effects, allowing for full display borders, and filters. Set-Forget Extractor has been delayed for a while, one feature required is proving to be rather problematic to solve using my current programming language. I'm going to see how it goes, but I'm looking in to the prospect of returning to .NET Framework for the new release. I was previously hoping to finally remove the requirement. AccentEase has been released this week; a easy to use US/UK keyboard layout designed specifically to help type accented characters quickly and simply (rather than remembering all those horrid keycodes). So, if you need to type, Latin, French, or whatever language, take a look. It's donationware so it's free to download, but if you find it useful, please consider making a donation to support it's development.<br />