AW5 goes Gold

It's done, it is ready. AutoWallpaper 5 is ready for it's release this coming weekend (12th September). The update process should be automatic. If you have AutoWallpaper 4 set to notify you of updates you should get notified to download the new version. If you don't then you can just keep an eye on the website. Both the Windows and Mac versions should be up pretty much at the same time. I have a little bit more to do to complete the Mac version but my aim is to do a simultaneous launch. So, whats new in version 5, here's some highlights: Support for vertical monitors – monitors must be perfectly aligned.<br /> Support for images with meta tagging (keywords, title).<br />Multi-threaded category listings for a faster display.<br />Schedule categories to start and stop during the year.<br />Multi-monitor wallpapers now have their own effects profile.<br />FX Library 2 – allows AW5 users to submit effects profiles to the community.<br />New methods for ignoring inadequate pictures (by size, .folders).<br />More options for telling AW how to handle multi-monitor wallpapers.<br />An alternative category can be used for Duplicate Background Image effects.<br />