AW5 – Windows 7 compatibility

Just thought I'd make a quick post to mention my initial findings for AutoWallpaper 5 and Windows 7. I've had a limited amount of time to try out AW5 on Windows 7 Pro and so far only two issues have been noticed: Firstly, the options for delaying wallpaper changes due to CPU usage cannot be used, AW5 is always detecting the CPU usage as 100%. <br /> Secondly, When creating a new category with all the bells and whistled used a possible 'Nil object exception' can occur. If the category is created in name only (no watch folder, etc) the problem doesn't occur. The watch folder can then be assigned to the category as normal. Also, as a side note, the rather special cross fade effect that Windows 7 uses for changing wallpapers is, at the moment, not possible in AutoWallpaper and it will swap papers instantly. Once I get my personal version of Windows 7 in October (22nd ish) I will be tackling these issues head on.<br />