AW5 – return of the Snow Leopard (updated)

Just when it was looking like everything was coming together nicely something outside of my control occurs. Apple Mac OS X 10.6(.1) Snow Leopard has a potential issue with the programming language I use for AutoWallpaper. Now I'm not sure if this occurs on every machine running AW4/5 as it doesn't appear to affect my MacBook (Intel). Basically if you're getting a console window open displaying errors about autorelease pools then it's affecting you. If it is affecting you please bear with me; an update has been released for the programming language and so over the next few days I will be installing, testing and issuing an update that will hopefully get rid of this problem. Update: I've been going through the feedback process with RealBasic and they are aware of the problem and that it is still ocurring int he latest version. RB updates are generally released on a 90 day cycle so all I can do for the time being is wait. That said, the errors being displayed in the console in no way affect the application and the console doesn't automatically open because of the compiler/os error.<br />