AutoWallpaper 5.1 released

It’s here, the big 5.1 update. This version adds quite a lot of new features and improvements. So, I’ll go through them all here:

Mac Changes
Version 5.1 adds quite a few improvements to the Mac Edition. The icon added next to the clock has been replaced with a new graphical icon, plus, the tray menu that Windows used know and love has finally made it to the Mac. There’s a whole host of options available quickly from the new menu; and as an added bonus the Left Click and Double click options are now active for Mac users.

FX Library
The transfer protocol used has been changed from FTP to HTTP, so if you’ve had trouble in the past getting access to the FX Library files this update should sort it out for you.

Select Folder
The folder selection dialogs now remember the last folder you were looking at. This makes it a lot easier to locate your wallpaper files and folders.

Calendar overlay
The Calendar now has a few more options. You can now add a background tint behind the calendar. You can specify the colour, opacity and the spacing.

Tray/Status Menu
Has been completely rewritten for cross-platform use and is now more natural to the way the OS usually handles menus.

Current Wallpaper browser
The Current Wallpaper viewer/browser previously available for Windows only has been rewritten to be easier to use. Thumbnails are now shown for each monitor.

Image Deleted, opps I didn’t mean to
If you’ve ever deleted a wallpaper by accident only to find no way of getting it back, then this is for you. Images deleted from within AutoWallpaper are now placed in the Trash/recycle bin, so you can recover them if you need to.

What didn’t quite make it to 5.1
Keyboard shortcuts – I had planned on adding global hotkeys to AutoWallpaper for version 5.1 but sadly I just couldn’t work out all of the details in time. This is still on my list of features to do, so fingers crossed it will be making an appearance in a later version.