AutoWallpaper 5, now with desktop slideshow support

A new update was released yesterday that enabled the particularly gorgeous wallpaper blending found in Windows 7, and this is only the start. Now when a wallpaper cycle occurs in AutoWallpaper 5 whilst running on Windows 7 it will attempt to trigger the blending of the previous and new wallpapers. This feature requires Aero to be enabled and active. You can check to see if you will be able to experience the blend by simply changing your current wallpaper using the Windows 7 control panel. If the desktop fades there then you're good to go. The next update of AutoWallpaper will be primarily for Mac OS X 10.6 to clear up the annoying autorelease console messages that were caused by a slight incompatibility with the compiler I use. However, I'm also hopeful to add in a tweak for Windows 7 users so they can adjust the length of time of the wallpaper blending takes. This next update is expected to be ready in about 2 weeks time.<br />