AutoWallpaper 5.1.2822 released

And relax 🙂

After a rather tumultuous few days after attempting to update the AutoWallpaper compiler and having a few serious problems occur, I can happily say that I have now corrected them.

The problem with the updated compiler appears to be a newer version of the SQLite implementation, this seems to have made a lot of alterations to the way it commits records, etc.

Anyway, I’ve reverted the AW base code back and implemented the fixes that were in the 2722 release into this new update.

Creating a new category no longer has a chance to crash AW.
Calendar back tint now allows the user to select a font and size of their choice.
The Current Wallpaper window (tray menu) no longer crashes AW when running under Windows XP. Vista, Seven and OS X were unaffected.
Typo’s corrected again.

As the code base has been rolled back you may need to double check your category settings in case they have altered.