Announcing USB AutoBackup, and AW5.2

A new application is about to be released, USB AutoBackup, a little application that will backup your USB flash memory drives as soon as you connect them to your computer.

Why develop such an application? Well, I use a few different computers for development, 2 PC’s and a Mac Book, keeping project files on different computers is a pain the neck, so I thought I’d start using a USB drive instead, it’s convenient as I can just unplug from one, connect to another and keep on working. The downside is that if the memory stick was damaged I’d lose a lot of work,so I decided to make a backup program.

Most other backup programs I found didn’t work the way I expected them to, or insisted on backing up to the USB stick and not from it.

USB AutoBackup will hopefully be released in the next few weeks as I’m just running the last few tests and compiling the user guide (although it really is very easy to use). So, keep an eye out for the new application coming soon. I will be adding the product pages to my website very soon.

Also, coming up very soon, as in the next few days, is AutoWallpaper update 5.2, this update is particularly special. It reintroduces Mac OS X 10.4 support (albeit for one monitor only), and adds the ability to cycle monitors individually.

And finally I thought I’d update everyone how may (or may not be) interested in how my Toyota Aygo is doing fuel efficiency wise. So far I have filled up 3 times since purchasing the car. The first tank achieved 485 miles @ 63.5 mpg, the second tank was slightly worse due to crazy traffic in the week, but still managed 475 miles @ 61.8 mpg, finally my latest tank didn’t last quite as long due to me having to do a fair number of short drives and town driving, still it surpassed my Ford Fiesta and managed  455 miles @ 58.6 mpg. My Fiesta would do 49 mpg for motorway driving and that would drop a lot when I was in towns. So, there you have it, a nice little money saver.