USB AutoBackup released

The first release of USB AutoBackup is now available for download and purchase.

USB AutoBackup is a new backup application developed to automatically backup your USB flash drives as soon as they are connected. It supports incremental backups and dated backups (stores daily backups in dated folders).

It’s extremely easy to use; simply connect the USB drive you want to backup automatically, and add the drive to USB AutoBackup selecting the destination location and the backup type you want to use. And that’s it. If you want to backup more drives simply repeat the process.

A single user licence costs just $8.99 and is available for Windows 2000+ and Mac OS X 10.4+. Educational discounts are available and a custom build (Windows only) is also an option. The custom build allows you to locked down the file exclusions (prevent .mpg, mp3, etc from being backed up).

For full details please visit the USB AutoBackup website: