UnityScript Editor announced

For those that enjoy developing in the popular Unity 3D game engine on Windows (.net required) you may have found, like myself, that the packaged script editor for unityscript (javascript) is rather lacking in features.

So, I am pleased to announce the UnityScript Editor.

This new editor has the following feature set:

• Window state (position, size) is saved between sessions
• Display the current Unity error log file
• Intelliprompt for all functions and objects
• Auto correction of functions, methods and properties. It knows when to use GameObject and gameObject
• Tooltip help for function parameters
• Quick list of the variables you have in a script
• Intelliprompt on variables (var myObject : GameObject; myObject.transform)
• Create new functions quickly by using a common functions dropdown list.
• Look up a keyword or function in the script reference manual by right clicking on it in your script and selecting ‘Look up definition’.

UnityScript Editor should be available in the next few weeks as I’m currently putting together the definition files for the intelliprompt – and there’s a lot of them.

UnityScript Editor will be released as DonationWare. You will be able to download it for free but please consider making a donation to help keep development going and to help me to raise enough money for a Unity Pro licence.