USB AutoBackup 1.5 coming soon

It’s been quite a hectic few weeks. With the release of UnityScript Editor I continued a fast paced process of adding new features and fixing bugs and have already clocked up to version 1.6.5. With USE I’m using a slightly different version numbering than I usually use, the .6 is actually the release build number and the .5 is an indication of the amount of changes. So in this case .6.5 is the 6th release and has a few bug fixes over .6.0.

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the current release and the progress of the project and hopefully this will continue and become the number one editor for Unity3d (UnityScript).

The big news this week however is the imminent release of USB AutoBackup 1.5 (UAB). I had a bit of a brain wave over the last few days. As some of you may know if you have a very large number of files on your USB drives the backups can take quite some time, this is because UAB had to scan through and see if each file was different to the backup one. However, in version 1.5 I have massively improved the speed of this process. Using my own 8Gb pen drive as an example, version 1.0 would take about 1.5 minutes to scan through and backup where necessary on startup, but with version 1.5 the backup process takes less than 5 seconds (given that only a small number of files have actually changed). I’m in the process of running through the necessary tests but the update should be out very soon.

AutoWallpaper 5.5 progress is going well; The update was originally scheduled for June but I’m going to have to push that back to July I’m afraid. I haven’t had nearly enough time to sit down and plough through all the code changes required. But don’t worry the wait will be worth it. The update will speed up category processing, massively improve random wallpaper selections, and resolve a few other bits and pieces that have been hanging around.