Best laid plans…

As regular readers may know I had laid down some big plans for the coming week, I had planned on devoting all the time needed to complete the AutoWallpaper 5.5 update, and also an update for USB AutoBackup to allow for subscription basedĀ licensing, as well as a number of other research and development projects I’m looking into. Well all of that is about to be posponed šŸ™

My day job inbox has swelled to biblical proportions over the course of the week and one project in particular (I can’t discuss it) has such a short time frame and is so complex that I cannot take my week off and still have time to complete the project. So, with great frustration and regret I have had to cancel my time off.

My new plan is to proceed with the AW update during the weekend and finish as much as I can, however, the USB AutoBackup is needed quite soon for a series of educational licences so that will takeĀ precedence.

I will post again when I know more. At present I’m unsure when my next break from work will be šŸ™