To Sleep Perchance to Dream

The temperature during the night in my part of the UK has gone up considerably in the last few weeks and is making it very difficult for me to sleep, or at least get a restful nights sleep. My clock is displaying a minimum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and during the day rises to about 28-29C.

That is have the knock on effect of making it difficult for me to do any decent amounts of coding. However, progress on AutoWallpaper 5.3 is coming along very nicely most of the smaller routines have now been completed and it only leaves the more complex parts to do. Hopefully I’m still on target for a late July release.

I haven’t had to release any Unity ScriptEditor updates for the last few weeks but I may find new additions when I finally get a chance to begin my own 3D game development (Asylum, and Incident Zero-working title).

Also, I have decided to drop the price of USB AutoBackup to a crazy low $5.99. I will have to change the payment processor from ShareIt to PayPal though, as shareIt will be taking $2.50 + 5% from each sale leaving me with practically pennies, especially after converting to pounds sterling.