AutoWallpaper 5.5 RC2

A number of very annoying little issues plagued the first release candidate, fortunately I believe these are now resolved.

The problem resulted from me having dozens of test categories and then finding that RC1 didn’t play nicely with 1 or 2 categories. What it boiled down to was a small mix up with some <> (not equals) and = (equals) in some of the wallpaper checking routines – typical programmer glitch 🙂

So, without further delay RC2 is available for download from the AutoWallpaper pages:

1. Fixes ‘no wallpapers available for monitor X’ when there definitely is.
2. Fixes ‘insufficent wallpapers for mozaic’ when there is.
3. Fixed – Category deletion – category wasn’t actually deleted.
4. Fixed a few IO errors (Mac)

As before, if any one finds any other issues, please let me know and I’ll get them sorted.