Web Slicer Released

After several months of development, tweaking and testing, Web Slicer is here.

Web Slicer is an application designed specifically to help you cut up and slice your website templates (images) and export out the pieces you need to build it in HTML/CSS.

Web Slicer can load Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS files, as well as Jpegs, PNGs, Tifs and BMPs. And each individual slice you define can be configured as either a GIF, a Jpeg or a PNG.

Define slices by drawing rectangular areas onto your template image, rather than by specifying a slice across the entire image. Resize and position your slices with pixel precision by manually adjusting location and sizes.

Divide an entire image into pieces by specifying the number of columns and rows you want helping you to protect images faster.

Check out the full list of features and download the 30 day evaluation version today. Full version is just $14.99 per user.

Web Slicer is ideal for use alongside Photoshop Elements 9 which doesn’t have the web slice tools available in the full Photoshop CS.