AutoWallpaper 5.6 now available

The newest release of AutoWallpaper is now available for all. This update features a number of smaller fixes and tweaks and 2 new features:

Windows 7 Aero Glass Tinting

When running under Windows 7 you can tell AutoWallpaper to change the colour tint of your Aero desktop to match more closely with the colours used in the primary monitors wallpaper. You can also adjust the intensity of the colour so you can have the selected tint as strong or as weak as you like.

Single Row/Column Mozaic Effect

Previously the minimum number of rows or columns available for this effect was 2, with AW5.6 it is now possible to have just 1 row or 1 column of images thus allowing even more flexibility and exciting new layout potentials.

AutoWallpaper 5.6 is a free upgrade for all existing AW5 users. Simply download and install as normal.

For a 30 day free trial please visit the AutoWallpaper webpage.