Web Slicer 1.0.2 released

A small update has been released for Web Slicer that makes a number of improvements and fixes a couple of minor issues:

Prevented a crash when trying to zoom with no image loaded.
Resizing a slice via the properties window will no longer allow slices to be sized above the width and height of the image.
Added Zoom Reset button on main toolbar.
Added zoom factor display on main toolbar.
Changed slice colour of jpegs to purple from yellow making them easier to see.
Swapped the positions of the Y and Width slice properties text boxes to have X and Y next to each other rather than above and below each other. Making it easier to read.

Web Slicer – An easy to use image slicing tool. Cut up PSDs, Jpegs and other image formats and export for use on the web. Download the evaluation of Web Slicer here.