OS X Lion compatibility

OS X Lion is out and quite frankly after reading about some of the so called ‘improvements’ I’d much prefer to stay on 10.6, I mean why try and get rid of ‘Save As’ and scrollbars. That said I do need to ensure that AutoWallpaper and USB AutoBackup function correctly on the updated OS, and will no doubt upgrade shortly once the mad rush of downloads has subsided.

If anyone out there is running Lion and either AutoWallpaper or USB AutoBackup please let me know of your findings.

Update: I’ve successfully upgraded my MacBook to OS X Lion and can confirm that AutoWallpaper 5.6 and USB AutoBackup are working properly. If anyone does find any compatibility issues please let me know.

Update 2: It appears that Lion’s enforcement of locked folders can cause settings to not be saved in AutoWallpaper. I’m looking into this and hope to have a solution soon.