First iOS and Android Game is “Rubbish!”

I thought I’d let everyone know about the first mobile game I’ve been involved in crafting called – “Rubbish!“. It’s a very addictive physics based game that involves throwing rubbish across rooms to get it in the bin. It features various different types of rubbish such as paper ball, tin can, bottle; as well as 3 game modes (you have to unlock each in sequence) and 40 levels.

The game is available for iPhone 4, iPad(2) as well as Android 2.2 (with at least an ARM7 processor or similar) and is available from the device stores. You can see more information as well as videos and screenshots from the website.

A “Lite” version is also available allowing you to play the first 10 levels. Full version costs a crazy low $0.99

Here’s some screen shots to whet your appetite: