AutoWallpaper 6 now available

The exciting new AutoWallpaper version 6 is now available for download, purchase and upgrade. Available for Intel Mac’s running OS X 10.4 up to and including 10.8 Lion, as well as Windows XP, Vista, Seven in both x32 and x64.

This new version features a revised user interface along with support for both Flickr and remote image libraries. Simply create a new category and assign Flickr keywords or category selections.

Licencing has been simplified into 3 flavours; up to 2 monitors ($5.99, or $2 for upgrade), up to 5 monitors ($7.99, or $3 for upgrade) and up to 10 monitors ($10.99, or $5 for upgrade).

The trial version will run for 30 days regardless of whether you have tried a previous version.