AutoWallpaper price change

In preparation for the release of AutoWallpaper 6 there has been a price change for new licences of AutoWallpaper. Instead of there being 10 licence options (for each available monitor) there is now 3 price bands:

up to 2 monitors – $5.99
up to 5 monitors – $7.99
up to 10 monitors – $10.99

Payment is now processed via PayPal instead of share-it to make things that much more straight-forward for everyone.

AutoWallpaper 6  will require an upgrade fee, this will be $2 for 2 monitors, $3 for 5 monitors, $5 for 10 monitors. This is to cover continued development costs for the future. AutoWallpaper 6 includes a heavily revised user interface as well as support for Flickr and image downloads, which I think more than makes up for a small upgrade fee.