Asylum – Developer Diary Day 15

Today was the day that everything started properly. I first had to scrap the corridor that I had previously created. along with the wall segments, and start again. Now that I have a drawn map of the entire first floor I needed to go back to the beginning and make sure everything snapped together correctly, ensuring that all wall segments were of equal widths. So, I now have the first chunk of official corridor completed (albeit no lighting at the moment).

I then had to revisit the cell and make sure that was going to fit in the new grid structure for the floor. It didn’t. Not too much of a hassle, just had to tweak in the side walls and extend the back wall a bit.

With the floor properly mapped out I also had to relocate the starting point for the player, no biggie, but he needs to have a cell with a window 🙂

My cell door script seems to have failed for no good reason now that it’s been moved. At the moment I’m not too bothered, I’ll rewrite it once the rest of the floor has been constructed.

Next time there should be a new screenshot or two.