Asylum – Developer Diary Day 17

Today I focused on adding some well needed dressing to the corridors. First up was the lightswitch, although non functional because the power is out, a very important item for any room or corridor. The second item that is needed for storytelling purposes is the tannoy speaker. This is placed in each cell and at various locations in the corridors.

And now as promised some screen shots.


In this first screen shot you can see the cell door is now open and it is casting a realtime shadow from the light coming from the cell window. This screen shot also shows the torch effect I mentioned yesterday.


This shot I made so that you can see the nice torch effect more clearly, you can also see the improvements to the textures in the cell, although I’m still not 100% happy with the flooring.


And finally here’s a shot looking towards the starting cell but with the torch switched off.